About the Assessment

Self-Assessment is a valuable diagnostic tool at any stage in your personal development.

It helps to establish your knowledge and understanding, your skills and areas for development. As a leader and manager, regular personal assessments are excellent in supporting the establishment and progress of your business. They help you to build on your strengths and focus on specific development needs, linked to business need.

Of course self- assessment can be subjective so it is vital that you are clear and honest, identifying individual areas needing development and the areas of success. It is helpful to gather feedback from others on how they perceive your strengths and development needs including skills, knowledge and understanding.

We have provided a diagnostic tool consisting of a number of different questions designed to help you identify your strengths and areas of development. Consider each one, reflect then click on one of the numbered boxes.

3= I consider this an area of strength .
2= I am reasonably competent in this area.
1= I need more development in this area.